Traffic safety

Most of our employees spend 90% of their time on the public road. That is why road safety is important to our company.

017_vermeulen_web_010Our employees are regularly trained in defensive, preventative and energy-efficient driving. A skilled, highly trained driver travels with our employees. His or her role is, in the first place, to observe.

Next, he or she gives the driver a few tips and pointers to improve his/her driving style. This could be related to wearing his or her seatbelt, the correct adjustment and use of mirrors, manoeuvring improvement and load safety.

If necessary, a follow-up session is arranged or an improvement plan is drawn up.

When a new employee joins our company

Each new employee is assigned a mentor who will help him/her to become familiar with the company. He/she will also take to the road together with an experienced driver, who will familiarise him/her with the daily routines in our company and also analyse the new employee’s driving style. We will do everything necessary to ensure quick integration into our company.