Investment in an eco-friendly fleet and training

vrachtwagen_2For many years now, the environment has been high on Transport C. Vermeulen's list of priorities. We transport your loads with the lowest possible CO2 emissions when compared to an outdated fleet.

At the beginning of 2013, 85% of our fleet already consisted of eco-friendly EURO 6 trucks. That made us one of the first carriers in Belgium to switch over to and invest in fuel-efficient and less polluting trucks.

Since 2020, 100% of our fleet consists of eco-friendly EURO 6 trucks.

Training courses

Our employees are offered the necessary training to drive as environmentally aware and defensive as possible. An in-house experienced and well-trained instructor guides and trains them in energy-efficient driving. The results are measured each month and discussed with our employees.

Having your freight transported by Transport C. Vermeulen also means added value for the environment.