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5 September 2017 | Uncategorized | Transport Vermeulen

Every day our drivers transport your cargo to Austria and Switzerland. Together with our transportation partners, we can deliver your cargo across Europe, including Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania… You already rely on Transport Vermeulen for transportation of your goods to these countries? If so, we might be able to expand our service provision to your company. Transport Vermeulen’s founder Stan Vermeulen will be happy to pay you a noncommittal visit to see whether we can play a part in helping you to realise your plans for the future.

With Stan on board, you’ll have an extremely experienced pair of hands in the trade to rely on. He started building his company from the ground up 36 years ago, when he only had one truck at his disposal. Stan is an expert in cargo security. Shape-retaining packaging of goods is essential if you are looking to perfectly secure every cargo you ship when you use lashing straps. If you don’t, the risk of sustaining damage during transport will increase. Lashing straps and other fastening materials cannot improve your packaging; they can only ensure that everything stays in place during transport.

To the question how he’s still able to seemingly effortlessly perform a demanding job as an entrepreneur in the transportation industry he always answers that “walking is the best medicine”. That and driving a truck of course ☺