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Updates in the transportation sector

31 January 2018 | Uncategorized | Transport Vermeulen

The holidays have been over for a while. Now, one month into the new year, we would like to inform you about the updates in the transportation sector:

  • The Flemish and Brussels region and Wallonia all have their own rules and sanctions with regards to load safety.
  • At a certain point of this year, we will be required to pay a toll for the entire German road network.
  • Starting this year, there is a toll raise of approximately 1% in Austria.
  • As for Belgium, the kilometre-based toll will go up, and additional parts of the Flemish (157 km) and Walloon (4km) road network will require a toll.
  • The sanction system will also be adapted: a fairer, variable charging system depending on the infraction severity will be applied.
  • Europe will impose GDPR on companies and governments. The General Data Protection Regulation is a European regulation with regards to the collection and securing of personal data. This will generate an increase in administration.