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Mobility Package – European Posting Declaration

22 February 2022 | Uncategorized | Transport Vermeulen

Dear customer,

The next phase of the Mobility Package started in February and contains several items. The 'Return Home' clause means that all commercial vehicles are required to return, every 8 weeks, to a company establishment. This will result in extra empty kilometers and additional costs for many carriers.

Earlier this month the European platform for Posting declarations was launched. Regardless that all declarations from the various countries can now be submitted uniformly at one platform, this creates high additional administrative work.

Also the wages of the drivers changes because of this. In the case of cross-border transports and cabotage, the drivers will have to be paid at the minimum wage of the country in which they perform their work. This means that our foreign colleagues will often have to pay their drivers on Belgian territory the Belgian minimum wage from the sector. And let Belgium has one of the most expensive wages in Europe.

The consequences of the above mentioned change are not known yet, we do know that they will have a heavy influence on the transport sector. Carriers who no longer want do drive in certain countries due to the high wages, a shortage of vehicles on the market and a strong increase of the transport costs are just a few of the possible consequences.

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