Load safety

Your goods are transported safely to their final destination and arrive undamaged

We pay much attention to load securing. Long before this became a legal obligation in Belgium, we were already complying with the strictest German guidelines.

When specially sensitive or heavy loads are transported, our drivers reveice technical instructions through the computer on board their truck regarding the positioning of the load and load securing.

22Load securing is not only important where the protection of your goods are concerned, but also for the protection of other road users.

Our trucks are provided with an extensive range of safety equipment including lashing straps (500 daN and 320 daN), edge protectors, anti-slip mats with a friction resistance of 0.81 µ and crossbeams. All our load areas are built in accordance with the EN 12642 standard, XL class..

We are more than happy to provide additional information about the load safety of your shipment.