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The Belgium Kilometric Charge will take effect as of 1 April 2016

15 March 2016 | Uncategorized | TONC

A quick look at the facts

The Kilometric or Toll Charge applies to all European heavy goods vehicles intended for freight transport with a MAM ( maxi­mum authorised mass) of more than 3,5 tonnes. For trucks with a MAM of more than 12 tonnes, this charge will replace the existing Euro vignette. However, this applies solely to Belgium. In the Nether­lands, Luxembourg, Sweden and Denmark the Euro vignette keeps the same price as before. The rates of the Kilometric Charge system are linked to the emissions category of the vehicle. As Transport Vermeulen has the most en­vironmentally friendly EURO6 vehicles, we are able to offer the lowest prices.

How does the Kilometric Charge system work?

All trucks with a MAM above 3,5 tonnes must be equipped with an OBU ( On Board Unit ). The OBU uses geolocation to register the number of kilometres and the roads used. The rate depends on three parameters: weight, road type and emissions class.

What does this mean for you?

For international transport we have defined the direct and indirect costs per region. We have set up 5 different areas, each with its own rate. The charges will be billed accordingly. For national transport, the costs will be calculated in percentages.

Since this is a development completely beyond our control, we ask for your understanding.

In the following period, we will send out adjusted quotes. Inge and Stan will always be at your disposal for any further questions.