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About the smart tachograph (and other news)

4 February 2019 | Uncategorized | Transport Vermeulen

We look forward to welcoming you at Transport Vermeulen in this new year and raise our glass to a fruitful collaboration in 2019. We hope you enjoyed your holidays and are back in business!
The past few weeks have been busy for us. Three Renault T480 have been added to our fleet. These additions are much appreciated by our drivers since these trucks are equipped with swivel chairs, stationary air conditioners, refrigerators and spacious cabins.

Smart tachograph
For vehicles registered from 15/06/2019, a new digital tachograph, the so-called smart tachograph, is now mandatory. The main novelties of this device are:
- GNSS System (Gallileo - GPS)
- DSRC, early detection from a distance
- Interface with intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
- New channel
- New maps
- Reinforced security algorithms

Wanted: young work forces
As in other sectors, the transportation sector is suffering the consequences of an ageing labour market. 40% of the mobile workers in Belgium are aged between 50 and 55 years. 62% of Belgian drivers are older than 50, including the 65+. It is therefore time to focus on the recruitment of young workers. Candidates can apply at transport Vermeulen or via: