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About Inge, dispatcher

19 October 2017 | Uncategorized | Transport Vermeulen

This month we like to put Inge in the spotlight. Inge is a dispatcher of the thousand. For 19 years, this organizational talent has led our planning department. For her, this is not a job but a passion. As a routinous and driven planner, she is constantly busy with adjusting the schedule to the wishes of the customer.
Unexpected situations that confuse the whole plan are no hell to her but a challenge. A planning is dynamic in the transport sector. The composition of cars and routes of the trucks changes daily. With the necessary creativity, she addresses every problem. She always find a good solution.
At Transport Vermeulen, Inge is also Internal Security Advisor ADR. She ensures that our drivers do not overlook anything when loading dangerous substances. Her internal control lists are used by them as checklist.
Inge applies her life motto 'dream believe act achieve' daily at Transport Vermeulen. And she also infects the colleagues with it!